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Pets are supposed to be cared for with a lot of love. Owners of pets need to gather relevant information, knowledge, and skills to meet the healthcare needs of their pets. Veterinarians are the best people who can offer such information. Well, the following are the common questions asked.

What is the healthiest food for pets?

There are a number of major brands of pet food and any one of them can be pretty fine. Going for dry or wet feed is a matter of choice. It is, however, important to opt for feed that has been certified by relevant bodies. A certified manufacturer of feed meets all the nutritional requirements and sets standards.

What quantity of feed does my pet require?

The amount of feed required is determined by a number of factors. Remember there are different pets and different feeds as well. The quantity consumed will depend on the lifestyle of your pet and its metabolism. Even if two pets are identical, they may not consume the same quantity of feed because one may be more active than the other.

Could my pet be overweight?

Most of the people do not know how to determine whether their pets are too plump or not. If you are able to feel your pet’s ribs, then it is not overweight. Suppose you feel it is overweight, consider lessening the amount of food by 5 to 10%.

Which vaccination should my pet receive?

Vaccinations should start when the pet is 6 months of age. Puppies should be given DALPP vaccine while kitten needs FVRCP for deterring contagious diseases.

Can my pet go out?

If it is a puppy, be patient until it undergoes a number of vaccinations before. It usually takes four months

I just acquired a stray pet. What do I do?

It is essential to check the pet for collar or tags. Suppose none of these is present, you may need to visit a clinic to check it for a microchip. What if the microchip is not present? No worries still. Try keep the pet safe as you look for signs whenever found, including websites for missing pet listings that content the description.

When is fecal samples required, and why?

Fecal samples are supposed to be presented at wellness visits, at kitten exams or the moment GI symptoms are manifest. Take note, it is only tapeworm and roundworms that can be visible with naked eye. In other instances, diarrhea, vomiting, and drastic weight-loss may be the symptoms intestinal worms. Nevertheless, intestinal parasites may go undetected unless intestinal parasite tests are carried out. Other intestinal parasites are zoonotic, implying that they can be transmitted to human beings. That is why intestinal parasitic testing is quite significant to not only the health of pets but also the wellness of humans.

How can I transfer clinical records of my pet?

It is very simple. Just call your former vet ask for the same. The records can be transferred via email, fax or any other way. Suppose you have copies of the records, you can just drop them at your current clinic.

Do I need to book an appointment for my pet to be checked by a veterinarian?

Most of the hospitals see patients through appointments. That makes operations quite easy. Nevertheless, emergency cases are prioritized in nearly hospitals. Making a call before arrival will guarantee your pet quality services.

Can I brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Protect your pet from gum related diseases by observing pet dental hygiene. You need a specialized dental cleaning to do away with plague and tartar. Regular teeth brushing will prevent redevelopment of tartar. But how often should you be brushing? The key term is brushing regularly. Two or three times per week will be okay. Unfortunately, some pets violent to brushing. In this case dental chews and special diets will do better.

How Often Do I Have to Bathe my Pet?

Just like with humans, regular body cleaning is vital for pets. Nonetheless, pets with no skin condition do not necessarily need bathing more than once a month. As a matter of fact, bathing your pet more than once a month leads to skin dryness. More importantly, regularly clean your pets’ ears to deter infections. You can do this once or twice a month as dictated by the amount of wax or dirt visible. You can use your finger or a gauze for this purpose.

Is it Normal for a Pet to Eat Poop?

Well, this is a normal habit and should not turn your stomach. This behavior may result from boredom or just a huge appetite. Generally, pets do not eat feces because it lacks a certain essential nutrient. Even very a healthy pet without nutrient deficiency may do this. The behavior needs to be discouraged because it is a way of spreading parasites and bacteria.

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In light of the above, there are so many questions owners of pets may ask. This article has reviewed only a number.

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