Healthy Dogs Need Proper Diet

Healthy Dogs Need Proper Diet

Every living thing needs nourishment. We are urged to have a healthy and balanced diet and it is important that our pets are given the same. Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’; if they are given the exercise they require you can expect many years of companionship. They will have plenty of energy if you feed them quality food. You need to keep yourself healthy to keep up with them on your walks.


You may decide that you are best served by avoiding too much fast food, chips with everything and too much convenience processed food from the supermarket freezers. There is likely to be too much sugar and salt in such products. In the same way, you should look in detail at the food that can help your young dog to grow. Specialist companies supply pet food that aims to provide all the nutrition a growing dog needs. That includes ensuring that there is not too much sugar, that there is sufficient fresh meat content and the berries and seeds in the ingredients mean that the food is as close as possible to what the breed would naturally eat if it was in the wild.

Protein, vitamins and minerals

Dogs need plenty of protein and that comes from such things as lean meat and egg whites. A good diet also includes vitamins and minerals; if you go to a company like HUNDEFODER you can find dog food specifically produced to encourage your puppy to grow over the next couple of years. There is likely to be instructions on the pack for how much to give a growing puppy, and of course the specific ingredients that have been used.

Animals need to have a balanced diet just the same as we do. They don’t get to choose themselves as we do so we have to make choices for them. You may want to give them an occasional treat just as we like that ourselves. However, the standard diet should be well thought out in line with veterinary advice. Some dogs have huge appetites; some might simply call it a healthy appetite. Perhaps that is the wrong adjective, but even so, it is possible to overfeed your dog and that can be as harmful to a dog as it would be to you.

Well behaved

Diet not only helps towards the health of your dog. It also helps with its behaviour. A happy dog is one that is likely to be more obedient and receptive to you as its owner. The dog will know that this is a good home and will be happy to stay and enjoy a good life. Your ‘best friend’ will respond with friendship, companionship and will certainly be on your side if you were ever to feel something was not quite right in the immediate vicinity.

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