3 Horse Care Tips

3 Horse Care Tips

Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility. The animal must be kept in a clean, safe environment, trained properly and fed a healthy diet. Neglecting to properly care for a horse can result in the animal becoming ill or distressed, so it is important to keep up with the maintenance needs.

1. Keep Horse and Environment Clean

Like other animals, horses need to be cleaned regularly. It is important to establish a good grooming routine with the horse so that it becomes used to the process. Check the animal for any injuries, insects or sticky burrs stuck in the coat. Keep the stall mucked out and free from filth to prevent diseases and control the smell.

2. Use Safe Training Practices

Horses can be trained to perform a number of different tasks. The training for each specialty is different, as a horse that is training for races will likely have a much different routine from one that is jumping or being used as a therapy animal. When equipment like equine jumps is necessary, make sure that it is in good shape. Talk to a professional for advice about how to train the horse without putting stress on the animal.

3. Provide a Proper Diet

A horse that is not being fed a proper diet will probably not be able to perform tasks well. It may lose or gain too much weight, putting it at risk for health problems. Their digestive systems can be sensitive, so talk to an experienced veterinarian for recommendations. Limiting treats and following a regular feeding routine can benefit the horse.

Caring for any animal comes with minimal responsibilities regarding food, water, shelter and exercise. Become familiar with the specific needs of horses before making a purchase and talk to experts who can give advice about how best to care for the animal so that the horse can live a long, happy life.

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