4 Tips To Avoid Pet Scam

4 Tips To Avoid Pet Scam

There are a lot of people who are out looking for pets this holiday season. A lot of that’s due to the pandemic pets kind of provide additional companionship and they just bring a certain element to the family that brings a lot of comfort when times are hard. However due to a lot of people looking for pets this has driven the market in kind of a crazy way. So we all know that when the demand goes up and the supply goes down.

This leads to higher prices and this also creates a breeding ground for scammers people who want to take your dollar and leave you heartbroken. So here are 4 valuable tips for you to avoid any kind of pet scam.

  1. Do your homework

Only  deal with reputable sellers whether they be companies or they be individuals. Be aware that these scammers  can take a website from an authentic company and counterfeit it for their own purposes. And that always leads and that and sometimes it can be kind of hard to tell which so just make sure you do your due diligence the ken in new york the uh kennel that we used is regulated by the state.

  1. Look Well Before Making Purchase

Try if at all possible to look at the pet you are buying before you buy it. This is easier if you’re buying from a local kennel or from a shelter, an animal shelter even though there are code regulation.  Especially when it comes to buy service dog, as they have dog patches on vests. There’s still ways to be able to see your pet before you purchase it. Just work with them and do the best that you can to see the pet before you buy it.

  1. Get all of your costs up front

Always make sure and be very wary if they add additional cost to the transactions. so i didn’t know this when i was purchasing my pet. yeah that there are a lot of other fees in addition to the cost of the animal. There are medical report fees and there are you know other things that go into this. You may be little surprised by that all fees and everything. Make sure whoever you make a deal should be reputable or dealing with a seller that was licensed by the state.

  1. Don’t pay cash

Always pay in some method that you can challenge it.  Sometimes people will make you pay before you get the animal which isn’t totally unrealistic. But if you pay with something like zell or some other bank transfer mechanism. Because once the cash is gone it’s gone. However if you pay with a debit card or a credit card or some other means like bank. At least  you can challenge it.

And if things go wrong by the way these people love to threaten people who don’t play their game. Don’t you know report to the police. If it seems like something is fishy, don’t be afraid to call the authorities.

Final Word

Buying pet is easy but it sometimes becomes a great loss due the scammers in the industry. It mostly happen during the time pet selling and buying is huge. Who doesn’t love pets, so never be inspired with photos or fall into love before making safe payment procedures.

So those were the safest tips we concluded for you whenever you mean to buy any pet. Keep in mind these 4 tips so that you can save yourself any fraudulent deal.

Julian Bolin

Julian Bolin is a pet lover and the founder of geekfishing.net, an informational site that provides answers to any question about pets. He has always loved animals and finding out all he could about them, so it was only natural for him to start this website.

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