Dogs For Working People

Best Dogs For Working People

Many of us work long hours, and with a commute thrown in for good measure we can be out for 12 hours plus each and every day. Many of those who have this kind of lifestyle believe that they shouldn’t have dogs because of it, but there are some dogs which are much better than others on their own. What you will have to do however is make sure that all the time which you do have away from work, is spent giving them the love, training, attention and fun time that they deserve.

No matter if you are a doctor a truck accident lawyer, a security guard or have another profession which keeps you out of those house all day, here are the best dogs which you should be looking at.

Basset Hound

This is the most obvious choice when it comes to low maintenance dogs, given their propensity to lay down and take regular naps throughout the day. Separation anxiety is not common in this particular breed of dog, but you will need to make sure that it gets plenty of miles in its legs each week.

French Bulldog

These chilled out and generally relaxed pooches are another ideal candidate for those who work long hours. The French bulldog will happily rest and relax in its own spot in the home, content with watching the world go by until you get home.


Whilst they may be bred for racing around a track at top speed or going after game in the field, these athletic dogs are actually great for having at home whilst you work. The greyhound is going to need plenty of attention and lots of long walks, but on most days it will be content with chilling in the sunshine as it pours in through the window.

Golden Retriever

These are not just amazing family dogs which are kind and smart, they are also more than happy with their own company. The golden retriever is happy on its own, as long as they know that they belong somewhere and that they have someone to wait for at the end of the day. With this particular breed, you can expect to be absolutely showered with attention when you do eventually get home from a long day, which is not something to complain about.


Pugs not only look adorable, they are also super content when they are on their own at home. Pugs aren’t too curious either which means that you can leave them in the house, safe in the knowledge that they are not going to be causing mayhem as other dogs might. Additionally these dogs really don’t need much exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, which again makes them the ideal option for those who have a job which demands a lot of them.

These are the best dogs for those who work long hours and who are rarely at home.

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