Pet-Friendly Living

Creating A Pet-Friendly Living Space

Living with a pet can bring an endless amount of joy to one’s life. Making our homes and apartments as comfortable for your furry friend is the least we can do!

You may be thinking that your home is perfectly safe and livable for your furry-friend but there may be some things you may be overlooking. For example, the medications, cosmetics and household cleansers you use every day may pose a serious risk to your pets. . They may become curious and try and eat these products, which is why you should always keep these products in a cabinet when you’re not using them. Likewise, loose cables and cords that dangle from your desk or entertainment center should be wrapped and kept out of paws’ reach. This is to avoid your pet being tempted to pull at them, causing something heavy to fall down on them. They could also wrap themselves up in cords and could hurt themselves that way. They may also just chew your loose wires and cords, which could hurt your devices and not make you a happy pet owner!

For many other helpful tips for creating a safe space for animals in your home, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

Creating a Pet-Friendly Living Space from Downtown Apartment Company, a Lincoln Park Luxury Apartment Rental Company
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