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Dog food: which is the best of 2021?

Pets for many of us are a base full of love and affection where we seek refuge. They have said it before, dogs are man’s best friend. Without asking for anything in return they give us everything, of course we as owners all we want is for them to be healthy. They need walks, affection, and veterinary attention and of course, a good meal that really feeds them and adapts to their needs. Giving them wholesome food is essential for this goal; avoid attempting to feed them anything unhealthy. But, if your dog consumes a dangerous food, such as sour cream, visit your doctor right away.

Currently on the market there are countless brands of dog food that promise a balanced and healthy diet, and not all of them are of good quality. To do this, you must choose between the best quality-price dog foods since it will be the food that they will consume daily.

Choosing a suitable diet will provide the necessary nutrients for its well-being, taking into account the daily ration that corresponds to it and checking that your dog likes the chosen feed.

The TOP 3 in best dog food

Next we are going to analyze the best feed for dogs, currently there are three main types of feed:


Acana is one of the best dog foods on the market today. It is portion of the Premium Variety because all its components are natural and are even appropriate for human consumption, which guarantees their quality.

It offers a high protein content and is free of cereals and gluten, although Prairie Poultry does contain 23% cut oats. All other Acana series like Pacifica, Wild Prairie, etc. if they are grain free. The meat used comes from free-range farms and ranches, and the fish from sustainable fisheries. They are also free of antibiotics and hormones.


Orijen supplies the nutritional needs of dogs naturally. It is a high quality feed, Premium Range, therefore one of the best feed for dogs that offers natural products and with a high amount of protein, promoting the healthy development of your dog. All of its ingredients come from Canada and are shipped fresh to Orijen’s kitchens. It is also grain free.

This brand of dog food makes a food with 70% meat protein and 30% vegetables, fruits and vegetables, providing dogs with the energy they need. It contains a large quantity of wild boar, lamb, pork and bison meat, raised naturally for the quality and freshness of their meats, which are not subjected to freezing.


Taste of the Wild is a High End food for dogs, it is also one of the best food for dogs on the market. They do not contain cereals, the protein percentage is high, the meat and fish they use are fresh, free of hormones and antibiotics, and are made under strict quality control.

They include natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables, thus providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs for its growth.

It is an ideal feed to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your pet, a clean and healthy natural food for dogs thanks to the fact that the water used in its composition goes through an osmotic process that frees it of microorganisms or chemical products, making this food, a very high quality feed.

If you want to learn more about pet nutritional food, click here for further details.

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