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How to Groom Your Pet Norwegian Forest Cat?

Norwegian Forest cats are extremely popular because of their furry bodies, gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, and striking triangle-shaped heads. They are an official bred cat from Norway, their home, and origin. If you are planning to pet one or already have one, there are certain points to remember about their regular grooming and feeding requirements. Experts say that this is quite different from what you do with other cats. Even with all of this, they make very adorable pets in a household.

How to Groom A Norwegian Forest Cat

Grooming a Norwegian Forest cat is no strenuous task, but does have a few requirements that set them apart from others of their species. Here are a few ways to ensure best grooming and upbringing for your cat.

Feed Good Quality Food

Norwegian Forest cats should be fed high-quality foods. Their nutritional requirements do not include meat or any of its by-products. Select meat-free good quality foods that have high nutrient value and that would be enough for the cat.

Foods containing taurine are good for developing a cat’s vision and a healthy heart. Taurine is an essential amino acid and needs to be integrated into the diet of a Norwegian Forest cat. Feed the cat two measured meals per day to bring them a healthy and balanced diet.

Brush the Fur

Norwegian Forest cats have thick, double coats of fur to protect them from the harsh temperatures found in their homeland. They tend to shed a lot of their fur quite frequently. Make sure you brush the coat with a bristle type brush every week, at least once. Starting from the period when it is a kitten would make it easy for you when it is an adult. Brush their bodies carefully as they are very tender too.

Trim The Claws

A Norwegian Forest cat typically has very sharp nails. To avoid accidents in the household, you must trim their nails to stop them from growing too long and sharp. If your cat does not scratch a lot, it would call for once in three weeks of trimming. If it tends to use them a lot more, you might not require any trimming at all. It blunts their claws naturally.

Do not trim the pink portions of their nails. This could potentially hurt your cat. You should aim to only trim the claw and not remove it completely. A guillotine type trimmer would be the perfect choice for the purpose.

Bathe If Necessary

Norwegian Forest cats have waterproof fur coats. If you feel the need, it is okay to bathe them but not too often. Regular brushing would help to keep most of the dirt and grit away but you can bathe them as and when you want to.

Even without a full bath, they do require cleaning of teeth to keep cat food from sticking around in its palate. Using a human toothbrush tends to make them sick, so select good quality cat toothbrush which does the job right. It improves their overall health.

With the perfect tips from, your Norwegian Forest cat is bound to grow into a handsome and healthy cat and very friendly for the home and the family it is in.

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