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Veterinary Pet Insurance

When considering any veterinary pet insurance it is important to do your homework. There are many different plans out there and they all offer different “deals.” Before you sign on the dotted line, BE SURE TO CALL the veterinary pet insurance company that you are interested in, ask A LOT of questions and never feel pressured to buy an insurance plan that you are not comfortable with.  Different plans cover different things and it is very important that you make sure that the breed of dog or cat that you own is covered. The Chinese Shar-Pei for example, often has medical conditions that are not covered by many veterinary pet insurance plans. Below are some questions that you should ask BEFORE purchasing any plan.

  • What services will the particular plan you are interested in cover?
  • What are the deductibles for different services?
  • How do you get reimbursed? Ask exactly how to file a claim and how long it takes for claims to be processed.
  • Is the particular breed of cat or dog that you own covered?
  • Do they pay for euthanasia and cremation?
  • What are the exclusions (important!!!)?
  • What is the EXACT price of the plan you are interested in?
  • Can you use ANY veterinarian or must you go to a vet that is “in plan?”
  • Are emergency veterinarian services covered? Can you go to ANY emergency veterinary hospital that you choose?

Be sure to have your questions handy before you call the veterinary pet insurance plan representative. Being prepared and being smart will help to ensure that you get the best, most affordable plan for you and your pet!

Julian Bolin

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