Poodle’s Vitality

A Poodle’s Vitality And Beauty Can Be Preserved

Poodles are striking dogs that often win top prizes at canine beauty contests. Their unique looks certainly turn heads when they are walking in the local park with their owner.

Brush the poodle’s luscious fur and check their teeth. Feel their skin and look for any signs of bleeding. Which diseases is the poodle susceptible to? How can these problems be treated?

Blood Clotting Disorder

Try and make sure that the poodle does not receive any cuts on its gums or skin. Poodles have a disorder that prevents their blood from clotting properly. Keep the poodles away from broken glass that has shattered on the ground and from sharp branches.

If the poodle starts bleeding, take them straight to the local vet for vital treatment.

  • Insurance covers the cost of this blood clotting disorder.
  • Once the bleeding has been stopped by a vet, keep the poodle safe from harm.

Ear Infections                                                                   

Ear infections do not just affect humans. Poodles sometimes suffer from ear infections because of the hair that grows inside the ear canal, so buy some poodle insurance to cover this. Vets will inspect the ears with a powerful light to determine the nature of the infection.

  • Look for insurance that covers ear infections.
  • After the infection is treated, clip the poodle’s hair to stop it from growing inside the ears.


A sizeable minority of poodles will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives. Don’t panic because the cancer is eminently treatable. Tumours that are growing can be removed by a fully-trained vet.

  • Find insurance that covers the cost of tumour removal. Surgery for tumour removal is extremely advanced and the poodle will be completely safe.
  • Poodles should be regularly checked to make sure that they don’t have any suspicious lumps on their skin.

Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease is unfamiliar to many pet owners but it affects the poodle’s ability to fight infections and other problems. The dog stops being able to produce the required amount of hormones. The cost of Addison’s disease medication can be covered by comprehensive insurance.

  • Choose insurance that pays for the cost of the Addison’s disease medication.
  • Hormone levels increase when a poodle takes their medication.
  • Mix the medication in with the poodle’s food.


Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease that affects many dogs, including poodles. Look into the dog’s eyes to see if they have become cloudy or inflamed.

  • Select insurance that covers surgical intervention to prevent blindness from glaucoma.
  • After the surgery has been completed, the poodle will need to have regular doses of eye drops.
  • The signs of glaucoma will completely disappear with the proper surgery and the correct aftercare.

Don’t Take Risks By Failing To Buy Insurance For Poodles

Poodles with comprehensive health insurance are being looked after by their owners. Glaucoma, cancer and ear infections should be detected and treated quickly. Find an insurance company that is offering poodle insurance.



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