Boarding Your Cat While You Travel

Every cat lover knows how difficult it is to travel and leave their furry friend behind. Pets become much more than animals simply living in your home – they become part of the family and it can be very difficult to be away from them for any amount of time. While cats are much more independent than dogs are and are able to spend some time alone at home, for extended travel it’s important that you find a place where they can stay, will be safe, and will have fresh food and water.

What to Look For

It’s important that you choose a quality cattery in Radstock for your furry friend, as you want to make sure that they are cared for while you are gone. Make sure that the cattery you choose:

  • Offers beds, scratching posts, and litter trays,
  • Feeds the cats on a regular schedule,
  • Is willing to accommodate dietary restrictions,
  • Allows cats to have their personal toys,
  • Cleans the litter boxes on a regular basis.

Before Taking Your Cat

It’s a good idea to visit the cattery that you are thinking of using before you show up with your cat on the day of your vacation. When visiting, you want to make sure that the location is clean and that the cats are cared for. Most catteries will require that your cat be up to date on any shots and that you bring any medication that they need in a clearly labelled bag.

You can take an extended trip without worrying about the health and safety of your cat. But make sure you do your research beforehand and ensure that you are leaving them with experienced professionals. At the right cattery, while your cat will miss you, they will have fun, be loved, and be safe.

Julian Bolin

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