Choose the Best Coat and Clothes for Your Dog

Chic, trendy, coats and dog clothes dress your dog in all seasons and at all prices. Coats and dog clothes dress your pet from head to toe: Shoes, dog socks, coats, clothes, sweaters, down jackets for dogs.

To get your dog out in any season, the raincoat protects your dog’s coat from the rain. A simple dog raincoat in nylon or polyester can make you proud. It’s so convenient. The waterproof pocket is aptly named. Clever, this raincoat folds into its integrated pocket, as the famous windbreaker. It slips into the smallest of bags to always be at hand in case of rain! Velcro closure ensures a fast dressing and optimal comfort.

The dog shoe protects the paw and pads from cold, weather, hard and aggressive surfaces. In winter, many dogs like to walk on the snow, however the paths are gravel or salt, your dog’s paws are assaulted and must be checked daily. The road salt dries the pads and crackles them. Moreover, by licking, the dog can cause additional infections. Footwear models have a sturdy sole, which provides good leg support even on slippery or stony surfaces.

The shoe is a popular comfort and can be worn all year round. The anatomically shaped shoe adapts to the particular morphology of the dog’s paws. It is very comfortable thanks to its closing systems. She is the guarantor of any injury.

The dog sock can be worn for extra comfort in the shoe. Other types of socks have the particularity of being anti-slip. It is an ideal protection for the paws of your dog, very recommended in case of osteoarthritis and arthritis, specially adapted for older dogs. Non-slip socks, provide better support and especially avoid slipping on slippery surfaces such as parquet, tiles, laminate floors.

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