Different Pet Rodents That benefit Our Children

There are over 2.000 species of rodents and some of them have proven to be quite good as pets; however, if you are thinking of getting your children a pet rodent you need to know more about the rodents in general. If your children are too young, you should not get them a pet that could easily be squished or hurt; maybe a dog is a better choice.

However, keep in mind that all pets need medical care, especially when they are young. So, it is good practice to have a vet in your area that can take care of your pet. If you do not have a vet in mind, you can check out or do some research online and search for somebody in your area.


If your kids are a bit older (9 years and older), you could consider getting them a hamster as a pet. They need to be older to understand that hamsters need to be cared for gently. Hamsters make great pets, as they are quite social and interesting to watch. But, you should know that the usual lifespan of a hamster is about 2-3 years, so make sure that you let your kids know about this as well.

Rats and mice

Unlike what many believe, rats and mice actually make great pets, and you will surely love them as much as your kids do. They are very intelligent and you can even teach them to do different tricks, with rewards of course. Proper nutrition can increase their lifespan, but be careful as rats and mice are prone to obesity. Mice and rats tend to live from 18 to 24 months.


Usually, Gerbils originated in Mongolia, at least the ones that are kept as pets. They are also very social animals, and they love to be handled, but you should do so with care. Keeping them in cages with other gerbils is a good idea, so purchase them in groups or pairs. Gerbils love to play in their cage, and they usually never bite when they are being handled, but are recommended for older kids.

Cats are great pets for those who suffer from anxiety or depression

Guinea Pigs

Two of the most common rodent pets given to children are guinea pigs and rabbits, simply because once they get a bit older they are easily handled. Getting guinea pigs in pairs when they are small is a good idea because they are very social animals, but they can also get quite vocal. They love to eat fresh fruits, and veggies, as well as grass, which are easily found!


If you want a pet that is very active and loves interacting with humans, then Chinchilla is a pet for you. These furry little creatures are not only cute, but they are also very social and they just love to play. Due to their curiosity, they will never get bored! And remember, if any of your pets get sick, you can always visit Roseville veterinary clinic like Gordon Vet Hospital or talk to your local vet for help!

Final word

There are many smaller pets that you can get for your kids to teach them about social interactions and responsibility. However, every pet needs to be taken care of responsibly, so if you are not up for the job do not get a pet. Make sure that you have a vet by your side as well, because pets, especially when small, need special medical care and shots, just like kids.

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