Dog Breeds that do not Sheds

Dog Breeds that do not Sheds

Once you have brought a dog into your house, then you have to get ready for several things that will not like, and among those things shedding is one of the irritating natural occurring which not even a single dog owner likes. So mostly dog owner look out for dogs that don’t shed or shed very little. And you will not believe but there are certain species in this world which does not shed like other dogs, and of course, those are dream pets for every dog lover.

There are many misconceptions over the internet about dogs who do not shed at all, well if there is any dog in the world with hairs then he would surely shed, but there might be the difference in the number of hairs fall.

Dog Allergy

Then there are allergy problems caused by dog hairs, well, in fact, it is not dog hair that is the reason for any kind of allergy, but it is a protein that is exerted from a dog with their saliva, or urine which becomes the cause of dog allergy. So even if your dog sheds it can never cause any kind of allergy in you, but yes there will be a problem for cleaning home every now and then.

Now coming to those dog breeds which sheds very little, and the first dog in that list is Irish Water Spaniel. Despite being their size, they are very friendly dogs and known to be very loyal to their owner. These dogs are very good hunters and can catch their prey even in some lake or river as well because these dogs are very good swimmers. These dogs rarely shed which is really great for any dog owner. Then next comes Giant Schnauzer, which is another large dog breed.

Large Dog Breeds

This dog is really as strong and energetic breed and known to be some of the angry breeds when they are bored or mad at something. These dogs are really hardworking and bred for guard purposes. But there is something that a dog owner will surely love about them, and that is they shed very little, and require grooming on rare occasions.

Then there are poodles which are a very loving breed among giant dogs. This breed is usually being taken while hunting, but they themselves are not hunters, and they are only kept to bring back prey from the water. These dogs are really loyal, and strong ones, and not to forget they are good swimmers as well. After this comes Bouvier Des Flandres which are also known as farm dogs.

Airedale Terrier

These dogs are quite large in size and weight and are able to exercise for several hours on daily basis. Usually, these dogs are friendly for their owners, but for an intruder, they will be their deadly enemies. Even though these dogs require grooming on regular basis, but still they shed very little. Usually, Terriers are known to be small dogs, but there is terrier breed which is large in size and is named as Airedale Terrier.

These dogs are as deadliest as you think them to be. These dogs will remain sweet very often, and after sensing even a slight danger or if they are kept inside for a longer time, then it will instantly change their mood. As obvious you would never like to be one of the targets of this breed. And no doubt these dogs shed very little as well.

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