Vaccinations for your Puppy

Essential Vaccinations for your Puppy

A young puppy dog requires numerous vaccinations to protect him against a number of diseases, and these should be administered in stages, beginning with the first session at 6-8 weeks old. You are advised to make contact with a 24-hour vet practice in Gloucester to set up an initial examination, and the vet will set up a vaccination schedule, which could last for 6-8 months.

The Initial Shots

When registering the puppy with your local vet, it is likely he will receive the following shots:

  • Distemper – This also protects against parvo and adenovirus. A Core Vaccination.
  • Kennel Cough – The initial injection can be given on the first visit, and your vet may or may not recommend this vaccine. Non-Core Vaccination.
  • Dog Flu –A non-core vaccination, there are two types of dog influenza, with each having a vaccine. Your vet would advise you regarding this vaccine, but it can be administered during the first visit.

The vet would set a schedule for visits every 2-3 weeks until the dog has received the required shots and boosters. It is important to not let the puppy mix with other dogs until 7 days after the first vet visit, and introduce the puppy to other dogs carefully. Socialising should begin as early as possible, and the puppy will become accustomed to other people and dogs, which is an important aspect of his training.

Once the initial vaccines are administered, follow the schedule the vet recommends, and after 6-8 months, your dog will have some immunisation against known diseases.

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