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Pet Photography Hacks to Consider Right Now

Taking a photo of your pet is not as easy as it looks – unless they are sleeping. If they are active, it will take hundreds of shots to get the right one. With the right Pet Photography hacks, it is not impossible to capture professional-looking photos worthy of hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk.

Here are some photography hacks to consider right now:

Convey your pet’s character
You know your pet more than anyone else. This means that no one else can give value to your pet’s character but you. To convey your pet’s character better, you should determine what sets your pet apart from other pets. You have to start with the pet’s personality.

For instance, if your pet is sleepy and lazy, you can set up a photo shoot around the bed. If your pet is hyperactive, it is better to shoot at the nearest park.

Think about the location
The next thing to consider is the location of the photograph. Even if you have a sleepy or lazy pet, sometimes you want a different location to add variety to the scene. For starters, you should pick a place where your pet will be at ease and comfortable.

It is better to bring your pet to a familiar location where there are many memories. Aside from that, you should also consider the backgrounds. As much as possible, refrain from distracting backgrounds. You can go for the plainest background to focus more on your pet.

Mix the framing
It would be better if you take shots from different angles and try to frame them in different ways. This way, it will bring out more perspectives. By mixing the frame, it will give the viewers a full perspective of your pet.

Use natural lighting
Light is a critical element in successful photography. As much as possible, you should use natural lighting. If you use lights, it will cause red-eye. It will also frighten or distract your pets.

If it is possible, choose outside photo shoots. If it is not possible, you can look for a well-lit window inside the house and start setting up. You only utilise the flash when your pet has a dark fur since it can absorb light and it can add more detail to the photo.

Include people in the shots
If you want to add more context to the picture, it is recommended that you include special people. Shots with the pet and their special people will make the images sentimental. You can start with posed shots but sometimes it is beautiful if you get candid shots.

Make use of fast shutter speed
When your pets are active, taking a picture is challenging. If they are always on the move, you can always freeze their action through fast shutter speed. You can also consider burst mode if they really move faster. With these, you will capture a wonderful sequence of shots that surely work well together.

When all else fails
If you still cannot capture the right photo, perhaps it is time to consider professional Pet Photography Brisbane.  Professionals will know how to handle pet photo shoots. When looking for the right studio, you should check the location, experience, and the price.

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