Many people think that dogs are the best friends for humans but, it is not true. Cats can also be a great and beloved friend to humans. The only thing required is love, care, and affection. For some people, a cat is like another family member. Your cat will become a member of your households very quickly similar to a child. After adopting a cat, many types of cat accessories are required which you need to purchase. And these accessories are important for a good and well-behaved cat. They not only need food or shelter but also various other things like sleeping bed, nail trimmers, scratchpad, cater litter and pan, travel carrier, etc. 

Selecting a perfect cat travel carrier is a must while travelling with cats. Your carrier must be the one in which your cat feels secure and comfortable to be in. The carrier should be big enough to let your cat lie down and stand comfortably. There are various types of carriers available, but choosing one depends on the mode of transport by which you are travelling. If you are travelling by plane then you need a hard kennel but for other modes of travelling a soft, cardboard or wicker carrier is required. 

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If you purchase a carrier just a day before travelling then your cat might feel uncomfortable to stay in that carrier. For this, you need to bring the carrier a few days before travelling and let your cat stay in it daily for some time. This will help her to become used to and comfortable in that carrier.

Cats are quite choosy. Cat owners usually think bringing catnip-stuffed mouse or a wheel with a ball will make your cat happy and keep them busy for hours. But it’s not the truth; cats need different and exciting toys to play. These are not the toys which you can give your cats and they will play on their own. These are interactive cat toys i.e., the toys from which you and your cat will play together. 

The most lovable toy of the cat is the Kitten Mitten. It is a kind of glove that you need to wear on your hands having extra long fingers with balls on the ends. This toy will allow you to play with your cat without leading to stabbing pain. The hanging ball on the ends of the glove is the source of joviality and entertainment whereas the glove portion will protect your hands.

Laser light is one of the most enjoyable and funny toys for both cat and you. You simply need to sit at any place and emit the light on a far wall or the floor. Your cat will try to catch that light by running here and there.

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