Things To Consider While Feeding Puppies And Kittens

Things To Consider While Feeding Puppies And Kittens

Puppies and kittens are in growing stage, just like the human babies. But unlike human babies, they require more food. They need to be fed throughout the day; if not done so, they have their own way of getting your attention. These smaller furry companions of yours are cute as well as smart enough to lick off the food from our plate completely and may leave you starving without even your realizing. So, the very first rule of feeding your cute, little furry babies is never share the food plate with them.

Mode and frequency of feeding kittens and puppies

The mode to be followed is to buy them their separate bowl and also their own eating space, just like you have the dining table for yourself. Remember the puppies are in learning stage too. So, as an owner or parent, it is your duty to train them good manners too. The common tendency of puppies is to chew on the rubbery substances to cope with the teething. You can find them chewing slippers, doormats, sofas, and anything which is cushiony in nature. Doing such thing is to be avoided by providing them something chewy like meat loaded bone.

There are certain moist and chewy foods also available in the superstores that can be bought to divert the pets’ attention from spoiling valuables of the house. So, keep their bowls always filled and guide them to sit and eat at the designated place. They definitely are good learners and will eventually start showing need for food simply by sitting at the place of eating when they are hungry.

As far as frequency is considered, these voiceless companions may need serving food throughout the day. Thus, the pet owners have to be very careful with what they are feeding. There are no short cuts like human food, leftover food, etc. to be considered. In fact, you ought to have ample supply of the pet food at home and also in different flavors. For growing puppies, their water pitcher has to be full always, as they hop around a lot and need whole lot of fluids and liquids to remain hydrated.

Amount of food

This is not something you can decide by yourself. You are also in learning stage of understanding your animal pet. It may tell you new things every day. The safest bet is to follow the instructions given by the pet’s doctor. They weigh your pets and then tell you how much and how often to feed them. The pet food packets also come with the required feeding instructions that help you know better about the scoop size. There have to be some feast days for pets where they may be given different foods. But, one has to orchestrate such days only around the ingredients good for them. Giving them foods like cat food for a change is certainly not a good idea, if followed regularly.

Why cat food and dog food cannot be interchangeably used

Kittens are not capable of making many nutrients like taurine (an amino acid), arachidonic acid, vitamin A, etc. in their bodies. They depend on the food that they eat for getting the requisite amounts of these essential nutrients. So, accordingly, their foods are designed.

Puppies are omnivorous unlike kittens that are born carnivorous. So, they also need a considerable amount of grains, fruits, vegetables and certain carbohydrates to keep up with their nutrition needs. Such foods based on simple carbohydrates may act as fillers for kittens, but these can certainly not become the staple for them.

There is something to do with the texture of the food too. Cat foods may not be that moist or chewy as the foods for the dogs are. Also, their eating styles will be quite different. You, therefore, need to have more information about the eating requirements of puppies and kittens so as to have better suited food plan for them in your hand.

A word of caution

As your puppies and kittens grow, you ought to slow down on the feeding. Do not expect them to be eating the same amounts for months. So, regular visits to the doctors and also keeping an eye on the food left in the bowl is a must to ensure that the pet is ok and that the food is not wasted as well.

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