Pet Insurance for Cats

Pet Insurance for Cats

Hello cat lovers! I thought I would write a quick post about veterinary pet insurance for cats. This post is basically a “glance” at several different companies that offer a variety of policies. Whether you want a simple veterinary pet insurance plan that will cover accidents only, or a plan that is a bit more comprehensive, you should consider your needs (as well as your cats) and figure out which plan and insurance company is the best fit for you! Meow!

VPI – Veterinary Pet Insurance: This is one of the oldest pet insurance companies in the nation! They are one of the LARGEST providers available when it comes to health insurance for cats (as well as other pets). They offer many (and when I say many, I mean it!) different types of policies including ones that cover accidental injuries, emergencies and various illnesses. If you are shopping around for veterinary pet insurance, add them to your list!

Petshealth Care Plan: Not as widely known as VPI this veterinary pet insurance company offers five different health care plans for your feline. From a simple plan that covers accidents only to the “top-of-the-line” Best Pet Plan, check out this up and coming pet insurance company!

Animal Friends: This veterinary pet insurance company is located in the United Kingdom and is simply pawsome! Why, you ask? Well, Animal Friends dedicates it net profits not only to the care of animals but to their environment as well. If you want a pet insurance policy that saves you money as well as helps other animals, then this is the insurance company for you! They offer two different feline health insurance policy options. Check them out!

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: Not only is the ASPCA dedicated to helping animals, they are dedicated to helping you care for your cat! The ASPCA offers comprehensive policies that cover accidents, preventative care, and a variety of illnesses. It is also good to know that a portion of your first year premiums goes directly to help and support animals in need. Wonderful! For more information please read my post about ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!

PetCare Pet Insurance Programs: This veterinary pet insurance company covers a WIDE range of possible issues. From accidents to allergies there is probably a plan for you (and your cat!). PetCare really cares about their customers and will work with you so that your cat gets the best possible insurance policy! Best of all, they realize that many people are on a budget, so they will also work with you so that you get policy that you CAN AFFORD! They are also a firm believer in preventative care!

So there you have it, five vet pet insurance companies at a glance! In future posts, if I have not already done so, I will cover each company in more detail. In the meantime, if you are searching for a veterinary pet insurance company, do your homework and start with a simple on-line search! Make sure you write down all of your questions and prepare a budget so that you know exactly what you can afford. Good luck and here’s to good feline health!

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