Strange Pets

If owning a dog or cat simply is not for you, you may consider purchasing a more unusual species such as a bird, reptile, or small animal like a rabbit. Many of these types of pets may catch your eye when on display at the local pet store. While you may think that you are equipped to handle different situations that arise with these types of pets, one thing that you may not know is that unusual pets may require special veterinary care that regular vet offices do not offer.

As an owner of a small animal, bird or reptile, it is common to have great difficulty in finding a veterinarian office that is able to examine your type of pet. While your vet office may agree to see your pet, they may not have the same capabilities to examine and treat them in the same way that they are able to treat cats and dogs. And why should they? Specialized equipment is incredibly expensive, and a vet that specializes in felines and canines might not see the point in stocking inventory related to different creatures.

At some point during your pets lifetime, they may need to see a veterinarian for specialized care. A bird vet is especially helpful to assist you in treating your exotic bird that can live for decades! A trained rabbit vet may be needed to treat these types of pets with specialized equipment that is made for their small stature. Because reptiles are so much different from mammals, a reptile vet can help you to understand your pets different types of behaviors and whether they are normal or not.

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