Rabbit Stress: Learn How to Fight It Effectively

Animals, like us humans, are prone to stress; whether in freedom or captivity as pets. In the case of rabbits, they present a series of symptoms which; if not treated in time, can be fatal. So today, we will give some advice to combat stress in rabbits effectively. Furthermore, you can find various accessories at ZOO-BIO.CO.UK for rabbits and other small pets to keep me calm and happy at home.

Stress in rabbits: Silent disease

 Emotional stress is a disease that affects the psychological and physical performance of animals. Undoubtedly, this manifests itself in different ways in each species, and fighting requires a lot of time and patience.

In the case of stress in rabbits, we must bear in mind that these animals are in the lowest position of the food chain. Although we have tamed them, they still have the instinct for survival; which makes it difficult to adapt to the new environment.

Open spaces, gnawing objects and silence are some of the top tips we can give you to keep your rabbit calm. However, once stress begins to manifest, we must be very careful about how to treat it properly.

Signs of stress in rabbits

The first warning sign our pet gives us is to start yelling loud and often. The rabbit’s cry is very loud and particular; because this is how they warn the group of possible dangers and predators.

What to do with rabbit in stress

This is most likely to sound alarming; but do not worry. The remedies are quite simple and you just need to give time and freedom for your rabbit to improve as fast as possible. First, we recommend that you visit the vet; because he is the expert on how to tackle the problem in the best way.

  • Be sure to give him freedom from time to time: A rabbit can go insane if kept locked up. To avoid this; it is preferable to let it run freely in the yard. You must be very alert so he does not eat anything wrong while running in complete freedom.
  • Give him something to chew: Rabbits like to gnaw things, and that’s a great way to let go of your worries. In burrows they usually have several objects to chew; so your rabbit must also have different objects to satisfy the needs.
  • Try to keep your environment calm: Loud noises and sudden scares are a major cause of stress; so your environment should be as calm as possible. If you have visitors at home; do not let them get too close.
  • Clean the cage regularly: Rabbits do not like to get very dirty environment and start to get nervous. Be sure to clean the cage regularly to avoid fits of rage.
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