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Tired of Having Bites and Scratches All Over Your Body? How to Stop Your Dog From Biting or Scratching

The same way babies explore with their mouths, or addicts get used to rehab centers like, dogs do the same. So many pet owners report on dog biting. Some dogs bite due to some natural reactors like illness or stress. The good news is that there are some tips to help you stop your dog biting:

Keep Toys Available For Your Dog

This is the easiest way to stop your dog from biting, leave a few exciting and colorful toys for the dog to chew it. Dogs have different toy preferences, find what is best suited for your dog. Some of the toys dogs like to play with are a rope toy, squeaky toys, a stuffed toy, a few puzzle toys, and some dog chews.

Rotate different toys each day to keep the dog interested and to make sure they don’t get used to the same toy and get bored. Chances are your dog will be more likely to chew on the toy instead of biting your or chewing inappropriate things.

Teach Obedience Commands Early


Even if your dog is still very young, start teaching it to obey early. Commands like stay, sit and down efficiently work at controlling the dog’s behavior. The commands will make the pets learn self-control at an early stage that includes not biting people.

Enroll your dog for beginning obedience class or dog kindergarten this will give your dog opportunity to be trained by an experienced dog. It will also give your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs as well.

The dog classes will allow your dog to have some playtime at the end of the class and allow the dogs to learn from each other. If the dog bites another dog, the dog will yelp. This is good because the dogs start to play with their mouths early.

Walk Out if The Dog Bites


Most trainers tend to ignore unwanted behavior from dogs when they are training them to quit a particular habit. If the dog doesn’t get attention for doing something wrong, there is a chance that it will quit doing that.

If you learn to react to your dog when it jumps ion you or bites you, it will assume that you’re playing or pet it and they will become accustomed to the behavior. When your dog bites, say something like “Ouch!” then turn your back from the dog then walk out of the room. Every time you do this your dog will learn that biting is not fun.

Since the dog’s attention span is very sort, you just need to leave the room for a minute or less. Try to return when the dog is not whining or baking. The dog will learn if you keep doing the same every time it bites.

Spray or Neuter

Getting your dogsprayed or neutered can help reduce the need for biting in dogs. This is because if the dog is a male, the spray will reduce the testosterone levels that will make less aggressive.

Male dogs can be neutered after they turn eight weeks though some vets recommend that you wait until the dog is six months old. If your dog is a female, you should get the procedure done before they get to their first heat cycle.

Minimize Stressors

Puppies have different personalities, and certain stressors may make them want to bite someone as a way of protecting themselves. If the dogis on the leash, it’s immediate instinct kick in and causes them to bite any invaders.

Some dogs lash out when surrounded by too many people or other animals. Stress is one of the main reason dogs bite. The solution is to identify what stresses the dog and avoid the stressing situations by either keeping them on the leash or create a comfortable space where your pet will feel protected and comfortable.

Exercise Your Dog


Provide your dog with plenty of exercises to help reduce their energy spurts. This may include interacting with toys, running around the yard, going for walks or even working on training. Providing your dog with an appropriate outlet for all his or her energy.

Read Their Body Language

In most cases, the dog likes to bite when they are afraid because they want to protect themselves. It will be best if you can learn some of your puppy’s body language and tell when they are afraid. Some dogs tuck their hind legs, shake their tails, or lower their head under their shoulders or even attempt to run away. If you notice some of the body triggers make it want to bite, remove them from there.

Keep Yourself Safe


If your dog starts to act even more aggressive towards you, you might need to initiate some ways to avoid being bitten. You should avoid looking the dog directly into their eyes because they tend to perceive that as a threat.

If you are standing still when the dog is trying to bite you, slowly walk away from them and give the dog an easier access to an escape route, so they don’t feel trapped. Learn what makes it aggressive around you and avoid such situations.

Keep the Dog on a Leash

Keeping your dog on a leash is also an alternative. The dog will drug it around during time-out training and allow it to drag it on the floor and it acts as a distraction. So instead of walking out of the room when the dog bites you, you can just keep him on a leash and lead him to sit in a quiet place, turn your back from him after you tether him. You can later untie him and resume what you were doing.


Training your dog not to bite might not be so you will need to be a bit patient and understanding. It is normal for the dog to bite at first but with consistent training, the dog will refrain from biting and you won’t have to go through painful biting sessions.

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