Tropical Fish

A Concise Guide to Owning Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are one of the most fascinating and truly magical pets you could possibly hope to have, but, as you are already fully aware, caring for tropical fish properly is far more complex than your average pair of goldfish.

So, with that being said, continue reading to discover a concise guide to owning tropical fish.

Preparation is Crucial

The first thing to know about owning tropical fish, just in case you are not already aware, is that they are entirely different and significantly more complex than simply buying a pretty tank, adding some novelty neon castles, and popping the fish in the water.

When it comes to expenses, tropical fish are also more costly, and you should decide on your budget before you visit your local pet shop or aquarium with a view of buying. You should invest in a quality PH water testing kit and test your tap water, too, as the particular PH of your local area’s water decrees which breeds of tropical fish you can have. For beginner fish keepers, it is strongly advisable to choose species of fish that are easy to care for and only move on to more exotic breeds once you have gained experience.

Medical Care & Treatment

Obviously, you are not required to take your fish along for their annual veterinary surgery as you would a dog or cat, but contacting your local vet who are experienced in fishkeeping, such as, will give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to care for them properly. Plus, if they ever do get ill, you have immediate contact with experts.

The most common diseases which afflict tropical fish which are kept in home aquariums include the following:

  • Anchor Worms (green stains on scales)
  • Fish Ick (spots that look like grains of salt)
  • Gill Mites (your fish is gulping at the surface)
  • Clamped Fin (folded fins and lethargy)
  • Lice (rubbing against the side of the aquarium)

Look out for these signs in your fish to ensure that they do not have any health problems.

Top Things to Know for Tropical Fish Beginners

Aside from the points discussed in more detail above, there are also plenty of other important things to learn and remember when starting out as a tropical fish keeper.

When you first introduce your new tropical fish into their new aquarium, it is crucial to properly acclimatize the fish by carefully lowering the bag in which you have brought the fish home inside the water of the tank. Remember, however, that the water in the bag must not mix with the tank water. This is instead to balance out the temperature of the bag and the aquarium so that the fish are not shocked by the change.

The water of your aquarium needs to not only be at the correct temperature but should also be purified both before you introduce your new tropical fish and throughout the lifespan of the tank. This is achieved by a specialized filter that sits inside the middle of the aquarium and needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to ensure it always functions correctly.

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