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Everything You Should Know About CBD Oil Cat Treats

We can all agree that most cat owners want to make their cats both healthy and happy. That is the main reason why they seek alternative treatments compared with Western medicine with an idea to avoid harmful and expensive medications.

The most significant popularity for pet lovers includes using cannabis oil for various treatments. You probably know that people are turning to CBD oil as the natural treatment for numerous health problems and issues.

At the same time, the legality of cannabis became a prominent topic for discussion, and we can expect that in the next decade, it will be legal on federal levels. Most research studies have confirmed that this particular plant has a positive impact on numerous health issues.

Of course, more than 90% of studies were conducted on humans, but generally, it can help your pets handle chronic conditions and severe pain. The question is whether cannabis is safe for cats or not, and which conditions it can treat along the way.

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Let us start from the beginning:

What is CBD Oil?

We have to start by saying that the cannabis plant features more than a hundred cannabinoids as well as other active compounds. However, the one that will affect your health is CBD or cannabidiol. 

This particular compound is different fromTHC, which is a major active substance within the marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. CBD acts as an opposite to THC, which means that it won’t cause high and will provide you remedies for a wide array of ailments.

Since the weed was illegal and classified as problematic back in the day, the general studies that are researching the effects of CBD are not as significant as other things. 

Even though Western medicine experts will not recommend this particular remedy for patients, some vets are using it to treat chronic pain, anxiety as well as inflammation.

The main idea of CBD is to improve the quality of life and increase comfort in pets that have chronic issues. However, it cannot cure ailments similarly to other meds, which is an essential consideration you should remember.

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Is It Safe For Cats?

Since the studies are scarce, we cannot provide you a proof of the long-term impact of cannabis on pets. However, some holistic veterinarians state that CBD oil is safe for cats in general. 

Of course, it can come with potential side effects, including sedation and gastrointestinal upset, but the prolonged use will remove them after a while.

The main idea is that this particular compound is safe for pets, but you need to ensure to give it the proper dosage so that you can avoid problems that may happen. It means that studies are determining the amount of oil that will provide the desired relief and effect.

According to some vets, weed products are valid for anxiety, intractable seizures, and neuropathic pain, as well as for appetite stimulation. However, it has to undergo FDA approval before everyone can say that it is effective and that benefits are guaranteed.

Is It Legal?

Even though these products may work adequately for cats and their problems, the question is legality that comes with it. Remember that CBD products that feature less than 0.3% of THC are not restricted similarly to others.

At the same time, you should avoid giving your cat oil without prior discussion and consultations with the designated vet. However, since most vets are skeptical when it comes to efficiency and CBD benefits, it is challenging to determine the real situation.

Benefits of CBD Oil For Cats

  • Perfect For Joint Pain and Arthritis – Back in the day, people thought that dogs are more likely to experience arthritis and issues related to it. However, according to recent research, cats can get this particular problem with the same frequency as dogs, especially among elderly cats. This particular problem can lead to constant pain, reduced mobility, lack of energy, and other symptoms that will reduce the quality of life of your pet. Even though the aging symptoms are inevitable, CBD will help you help your pet along the way. Since this particular cannabinoid comes with anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the spread of inflammation as well as levels of pain. Kennel cough is another disease which can be cured by CBD oil. Can cats get kennel cough and how it is possible to cure?
  • It Alleviates Anxiety and Stress – Similarly,like people, cats can also experience both anxiety and high levels of stress. Generally, everyday stressors for cats include conflicts with other cats, changes to their environments, health issues, lousy relationships, as well as other problems that may happen. Even though stress can lead to grumpiness, if your cat is under it daily, it can lead to lousy grooming habits, declined health, poor eating habits, behavioral issues, and many more. You should know that a CBD is a perfect remedy for reducing stress hormone production (cortisol).At the same time, it affects brain receptors that affect mood regulation, which is an important consideration you should remember.

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  • Improves Eating Habits – Even though obesity is a common problem among household cats, particular conditions and diseases can affect eating habits, which is essential for proper health. A decreased appetite can happen due to numerous factors, including mood-related disorders, dental issues, and many more. It is an indicator that your cat is not feeling well, which is why you need to do something about it. Of course, it is vital to identify the cause of a problem. Still, you can add CBD to a diet to stimulate appetite and provide relief for some issues, including hormonal imbalance, mood disorders, and stress.
  • Helps With Mood-Related Disorders – Some people have the perception that cats are grumpy; however, that is not a personality trait but a symptom of the underlying condition. If grumpiness comes with low levels of energy, it means that you should go to a vet to determine the overall problem. We have mentioned above that CBD can help your cat improve mood and reduce stress as well as anxiety. You should also know that this particular compound tends to interact with brain receptors that regulate hormone production as well as mood levels.

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