Matt Davies Harmony Communities Shares Essentials for Desert Hiking with Your Dog


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, the comfort and pleasure that a dog can offer to your life are incomparable to any drug that a physician can deliver. They bring you happiness, calm you even if you do not believe you need it, and love you unconditionally. It is only natural that we want to go on escapades with our four-legged friends. Moreover, because dogs have a keen sense of their environment, desert trekking with them is an excellent idea. They are ideal for warning you if something is wrong, like the presence of animals nearby.

However, before going on a desert hike with your dog, ensure you have packed all of the necessities to prevent annoyance and complications. See the essentials you should bring in desert hiking with your dog.

Essentials To Bring

  1. Water– This may seem apparent, but while trekking with dogs in the desert, you must have plenty of water. In the desert, water is uncertain. A gushing creek last week might be dry today. As a result, you will have to bring all the water your dog will require throughout your journey. Moreover, providing your dog with an effective method of drinking will assist you in carrying less water.
  2. Dog Boots– Since dogs control their body temperature via their paw pads, boots should not be worn all the time when hiking since their body may become overheated. However, you must consider them as emergency gear to be brought in the event of an accident, if the terrain gets hot, or when you stumble across unpleasant path conditions. Additionally, dog boots are required while trekking on hot sand.
  3. Sit Pad- You are likely to pause and have several rests during an all-day trek. It might sound excessive, but the desert is filled with pieces of cactus and rock needles. Take something comfy for your dog to lay down on if you want to enjoy a relaxing meal along the route.
  4. Fine-Tooth Comb- This was a brand-new component of trekking gear, particularly for the desert. Sand burr and cactus spine removal are significantly simpler with a fine-tooth comb than by hand.
  5. Tweezers- A pair of tweezers may save the day for cactus spines that are too tiny for the comb to grab. It can also be used to get bee stingers, splinters, and thorns. Although your dog is not upset, you might be jabbed by spines riding in their hair or dangling on their collar.
  6. First-Aid Tape- Packing a proper first aid kit is self-evident, but many people do not have first-aid for dogs. This is equally crucial as having Band-Aids on hand for yourself and could be obtained from any pet shop. Because the tape is self-adhesive and will not adhere to skin or hair, you will not inflict more agony on your pet when covering or unpacking their wound.
  7. Benadryl- Pets, like people, may develop allergies at any moment. It was critical for both of you to have Benadryl in your emergency aid kit. Inquire at your next veterinarian appointment if the doctor suggests providing Benadryl to your dog for an allergic response, and check the correct dose. Then, in addition to the medicine, include a letter with that info in your first aid bag.


Desert trekking with your dog is pleasurable and unforgettable when there are no significant concerns encountered. Matt Davies Harmony Communitiessuggests that before packing, check a list of the most vital necessities for you and your pets.

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